I like to smoke weed in Vegas

It’s the best adult playground in America, plus I get to experience it separate from my youngsters! I would still be enthusiastic about going to visit Las Vegas again, because it has been a few years, however it is much more exciting to be able to saunter freely separate from being hindered by the presence of my multiple young children! I like being a single Mom, although I also like having a cut sometimes.

  • My older sibling Grace lives in the Las Vegas area of Nevada, plus so I can stay with her, plus leave my youngsters there while I go hit the casinos plus paint the town red.I took an Uber to a single of the most famous cannabis dispensaries in Las Vegas, plus purchased just enough to get blazed out of my brain that evening.

I didn’t want to have any marijuana left by the time I returned to Grace’s house, so I just got a few grams… Las Vegas is a actually cannabis-friendly town, however you still can’t just walk down the street smoking it. I had been told of a local driving service, like Uber, that was cannabis friendly, so I called them up to drive myself and others around LasVegas that evening. I hit multiple casinos, plus then the cannabis-friendly Uber driver took myself and others to an off-brand casino, deeper into the “real” Las Vegas, plus I had a better time out there, but at the end of the evening I felt like I had an authentic Las Vegas experience, only separate from any trouble, so I tipped my driver the remainder of my cannabis.

Medical Cannabis Las Vegas NV