Toronto is the best spot to hang in

Although Toronto attracts over 27 million visitors yearly from outside its borders, not all of these people guess ahead of time that they’re about to see a lush and yellow metropolis that has some of the most trees in any neighborhood of its size.

It might be hard to guess that a single municipality could be home to over 1,500 parks, many of which are shaded with ash, aspen, basswood, birch, beech, cedar, and chestnut trees to name a few. Compared to a dense urban sprawl care about Manhattan where the solitary Central Park accounts for nearly all of the city’s natural landscape, Toronto is a dendrophile’s dream come true. My guy lived near the Badlands of Alberta before moving to Toronto and he said the trees are a single of the first things that he noticed when they left the airport and headed to his family’s house. But there is another “tree” that is popular in Toronto, and that’s cannabis. When I was in university, “trees” was a popular colloquial name for marijuana. Often the two of us used “trees” because it wasn’t as well known by older generations and that provided us a feeling of ownership to the term. Regardless, the cannabis “trees” in Toronto are my favorite Marijuana products east of Vancouver. I got actually stoned on a trip to Montreal once, although I still care about the cannabis concentrates that I get from my favorite marijuana store in York. With over 200 dispensaries in the neighborhood alone, I can’t imagine living somewhere else in Ontario as a weed smoker. The selection of cannabis products is unmatched in this area.


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