Cannabis is legal in Michigan

I often travel for work.

As I head up the interstate, I see signs advertising restaurants, hotels, used cars and grocery stores.

Since the legalization of recreational marijuana, there are now advertising dispensaries. I live in Indiana but travel across the state border into Michigan to meet with clients. I spend a lot of time in Whitehall, Michigan, where there are multiple recreational cannabis dispensaries. I have a favorite that I visit. I am required to show a valid government-issued identification before I can make a purchase. The bartenders know me and are aware that I’m coming in from Indiana. Apparently about 60% of their customers are from my home state. We all purchase the maximum amount allowable, which is 15 grams. The biggest issue is that it isn’t not legal for me to transport cannabis back over state lines. It’s also not legal for me to drive under the influence. Cannabis enthusiasts from my state are spending a great deal of money in Michigan and boosting the economy. We not only buy marijuana but pay tax on it. We get gas, eat in the local restaurants and often stay in the hotels. I am amazed that Indiana is allowing all that revenue to be spent elsewhere. We should be putting that money into our own state. There has been talk of a bill to legalize cannabis in Indiana, but so far, there has been no progress. I continue to drive to Whitehall and shop at the dispensary. I am happy that I have access to a wide selection of cannabis flower, pre-rolls, vapes, tinctures, topicals, edibles, beverages and concentrates.


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