I called the HVAC company for help with the AC

I had a party at my home and I invited lots of friends from the neighborhood.

I had a house full of people when the AC broke down. I was embarrassed, sad, and devastated. I didn’t know who to call. One of my neighbors suggested a company in Tampa Bay that handles weekend HVAC repairs. I contacted the HVAC provider and the company representative answered the phone on the first ring. A very nice and polite woman asked for some general information. I told her my name, telephone number, make and model of the machine and my home, and a brief explanation of the problem occurring was the system. The woman asked me to hold for a few minutes. A gentleman came to the phone. He asked me a couple of more questions about the HVAC unit. These questions were much more detailed. He agreed to come to my home to evaluate and examine the system. I told all of my guests that the party had to end early because of the problems with the air conditioner. My best friend was the only person still at the house when help arrived. The young and handsome HVAC technician flirted with my friend when he got there. I told my friend to flirt harder, so we could get a big discount on the repairs. She laughed, but I was actually being serious. I knew the repairs to the air conditioner were going to be expensive and I wasn’t looking forward to paying the bill from the Tampa Bay HVAC service provider.


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