We couldn't think how numerous marijuana dispensaries were on the block.

When the two of us went to Las Vegas, Nevada, the two of us went directly from the airport to our hotel, then my partner plus I were tired from the several hours of being cooped up in an airplane, however i wanted to get a shower, plus he was ready for a nap! On our way from the airport to the hotel, the driver of the airport transfer van was showing us items of interest on our hotel block.

  • One thing that was cool was that the two of us could see the large Ferris wheel that was area of a single of the hotel casinos.

Our hotel was less than more than two blocks from the main casino strip… As the two of us continued our slow trip down the Boulevard, our driver also pointed out the numerous cannabis dispensaries located on the block. He stated that ever since the legalization of recreational marijuana, this section had become a hub of interest. I was amazed at how numerous cannabis dispensaries could be put on a single block, however each had a odd name plus I would’ve never realized they were cannabis dispensaries if someone had not told me. Along with all the glitz plus glamor of Las Vegas, NE, was a seedier side I didn’t suppose existed. I looked around where the two of us were going, a area of myself and others wondering if the two of us were in a safe area of town. The driver assured us that the two of us were staying in a hotel that was known for its safety measures plus opulence. Aside from the marijuana dispensary plus occasional homeless person, I found the deserts plus nightlife to be more fun than I imagined.

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