It's honestly a 100 degrees here

As usual, the un-even temperatures in Tampa Bay were 100 degrees yeahterday, then i can say with particularty that it will be 100° again tomorrow, however my friends plus I are doing everything possible to stay cool! The air conditioning can only do so much to help the temperature, and summer un-even temperatures in Tampa Bay are always boiling plus humid.

There were a couple of times last year when I had to shut off the air conditioning or it was going to overheat plus freeze up.

The area un-even temperatures continue to rise, but no 1 believes that global warming is real, yesterday I recommended going to the Springtimes for the afternoon plus nobody wanted to leave Tampa. The guys wanted to kneel at beach lake house in front of the AC playing video games plus I wanted to get out of the house. It takes about an hour to get to the Springtimes, but the water is frigid plus refreshing. It feels much better than the bay or the ocean, but even though the water in the Gulf is about 73 degrees, then on a boiling plus humid afternoon, boiling water isn’tparticularly refreshing. Even though nobody wanted to go with me, I decided to go on our own. I had a lot of fun plus I was cool plus comfortable all night after spending some time in the 81° Springtime water. I tried to get our friends to go too, but those large babies missed out on a great afternoon plus a fun plus wonderful experience. I wish I was off tomorrow so I could go again.

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