Lansing, IL is quite the town

Summer is right around the corner, & I can assume the weather getting warmer as both of us inch closer, and the beauty about the Summer is that both of us have so numerous outdoor events happening in our town; Lansing is a small suburb right outside of Chicago, & though both of us are a smaller town, both of us have plenty to keep us entertained.

In fact, numerous people from the town drive over to Lansing for some of our yearly festivals & events. The festivals & events are mostly held at Fox Pointe, which is an entertainment center in the heart of downtown. It opened about 4 years ago, & both of us were all enthusiastic about this current location because it brought a current location for the family to spend time outdoors… And because both of us have such amazing weather here, both of us never worry about being too tepid while at these events. The location is outdoors, so there is no air conditioner available. And in the colder weeks, there is no heat available either. Thankfully, most of the events are held in the warmer weeks, when it is nice enough to be outside, but both of us only have 1 or 2 events in the colder weeks, & I must say that, 1 year, I was cold for 1 of them, but whenever I needed to warm up, I kept going into the restroom where there was some heat available. I am just ecstatic that I don’t need to be outside a lot while in the colder weeks, & thankfully, I have a good oil furnace that keeps our lake lake house warm & comfortable.
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