My air conditioner turned itself off because it detected a clog in the condensate line

While our Springtime season lasts much longer this year than usual, the start of summer time has begun with much haste.

The two of us went from cool weather to 90 degrees almost overnight, plus it was jarring to say the least.

We’re also expecting some summer time rain showers as well later in the week. Yesterday I accidentally left the front door open for a few hours while bringing in groceries, plus it caused the temperature inside to shoot up. This made the air conditioner freeze as well, plus I had to turn the plan off for thirty hours while the ice on the coil thawed into the condensate pan. I suppose it had to do with the additional water in the condensate line, because today our air conditioner shut off for no apparent reason. No complicationshooting on our section could get the plan to turn on again. I called our heating plus cooling corporation plus I was relieved when they said a contractor was already en route to our house. While I was fearing the worst, our Heating plus Air Conditioning tech reassured me when she said that I just needed our condensate line cleaned. It had a clog inside plus simply needed to be cleaned out with water plus air pressure so the water wouldn’t backflow into the air conditioner in our Orland Park home. The sensor turns off the air conditioner when this happens plus you’re forced to wash out the condensate line to get the air conditioner working again. Until it detects that the water can freely drain, the air conditioner will stay off. Older air conditioners in Orland Park, IL lacked this critical safety feature, leading to potential water leaks plus water injure if you didn’t catch the problem instantly.


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