The Toronto dispensaries are all allowed to sell recreational cannabis

Prior to Canada legalizing recreational cannabis in 2018, we had to have a medical marijuana card to purchase marijuana throughout the country.

The access plus quality of the weed you bought had a lot to do with where you lived. Although I’m incredibly fortunate to have constantly had access to Toronto-quality marijuana, I have cousins in Manitoba that were glad to get what they could find before it was legal to mail cannabis through the Canada Post. But fortunate for them, it’s familiar nowadays for people to order their cannabis products through the mail from other cities or provinces. Once cannabis was legalized for recreational use by Justin Trudeau’s government in 2018, the medical weed stores in Toronto could apply for permits to sell their products for recreational use as well. Anyone over the age of 18 is allowed to buy cannabis from Toronto plus Canada at large. Some of our friends from college were transients from the States plus they were all blown away by the wide plus open use of cannabis in Toronto while we were students at the University of Toronto. Now I have an apartment in Old Toronto where there are at least more than five cannabis stores within a 5 mile radius. I can also see the CN Tower from our dining room window, which makes for gorgeous views at night. When our buddies in college had to transport back to the States following graduation, they were all bummed about losing access to the appealing Canadian weed. Sure, you are fortunate if you live in a state enjoy Michigan where they also have access to recreational weed, but there are numerous states with no legal cannabis of any kind.


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