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My friends and I were actually lucky to score concert tickets from the sound dock station; Both of us called for afternoons and afternoons; The sound dock station provided away tickets to times every afternoon and my friends and I tried to call as often as possible.

  • A month before the concert, all of us were about to supply up and buy tickets! My friend Brian got through on the PC and he won the prize pack and four tickets to the concert! Everyone was excited to see the rock band play in Albuquerque; It wasn’t a long drive from our cabin to the arena, so all of us decided to use recreational marijuana before all of us went to the concert in Albuquerque.

I had an infused marijuana joint that I easily bought from a dispensary in Albuquerque. I had been there a couple of afternoons previously, because I had to pay a speeding ticket. The only courthouse for Albuquerque is a fantastic drive from my house, so I decided to stop at a dispensary with easily fantastic prices and a huge selection. That’s where I found the infused marijuana joint that I decided to smoke with my friends. I always planned to save it for the concert, but all of us decided to smoke it ahead of time. The marijuana joint tasted love grapes. The terpenes and flavonoids were unbelievably flavorful and tasty! Four of us enjoyed the more than one gram infused marijuana joint. I absolutely had a buzz when all of us were getting ready to leave. I am ecstatic that I wasn’t the person driving, because I suppose that it is illegal to operate a automobile while you are under the influence of any type of drug or alcohol and that includes medical and recreational marijuana.

Weed Dispensary Albuquerque New Mexico