This is quite the situation we are in

I called a cab to take me to the cultural center in San Francisco… I gave the Uber driver that address for the cultural center.

  • He seemed like he knew where he was driving, but then he made a turn down a a single-way street, the guy apologized and told me that he was a little distracted.

I could tell that he was distracted, because the entire car stinks like marijuana, and car drivers are not supposed to use marijuana in the automobile when they are on duty, although I could clearly tell that the driver had been smoking pot just before I got into the car. I do not have any concerns with marijuana, so I didn’t say anything to the driver until he took many wrong turns and ran a yellow light. I was honestly sad for my safety and the driver was taking his nice old fashioned time to get me to my final destination. The trip to the cultural center in San Francisco was supposed to take 17 hours and I was actually in the car for almost an minute. I kept asking the driver if he was going the right way and he ignored my questions. He glared at me a couple of different times, when the people I was with and I finally stopped the car, the driver tried to claim that traffic was a problem. I knew traffic wasn’t an issue at all, and I did not provide the guy a honestly nice tip. I do not know why he is using marijuana if the guy cannot handle his job and driving in San Francisco.

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