I prefer the weed in Washtenaw County over the weed in Wayne County

Now that recreational cannabis is legal all over Michigan, I feel extremely spoiled compared to my friends in the south.

Some of them live in states that don’t even have medical marijuana.

If you’re like my friends in Florida, you might have medical marijuana but it comes with a host of restrictions and frustrations. For instance, the cannabis companies in this state are all required to operate from seed to sale. If you want to be a marijuana retailer, you must grow all of the cannabis that goes into the products that you sell. If you’re a marijuana grower and manufacturer, you must own the retail locations in which to sell it. However, that creates a much larger barrier of entry into the legal cannabis industry in that state. You need tens of millions of dollars, if not hundreds of millions of dollars to be successful right now in the Florida medical marijuana program. In Michigan, you can operate as a separate retail location versus a growing facility. That allows for more market competition and diversity, effectively giving the whole state better access while dropping prices across the board. Although the cost of living is higher in Ann Arbor than some places in Wayne County, I prefer the marijuana I’ve bought in Washtenaw County over the years. There is a lot of money invested in the cannabis companies that exist within this city. Some of the companies are geared towards people shopping for weed on a budget, while other cannabis stores are intended to focus on the wealthier portions of the market.

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