That was a very chilly winter day

My best friend Jack & I scored more than one tickets to a Motocross event in Denver.

All of us were pretty happy about the event.

Tickets were $50 each, but Jack & I got more than one tickets for free after winning a contest on the Denver radio station, but jack was the person to call the radio station & he turned out to be the 99th caller & winner of the Motocross tickets. It was a 45-minute drive to Denver from our apartment. Jack & I didn’t mind the drive. All of us had a couple of infused marijuana joints to smoke in the car. All of us also had a discreet marijuana vape pen to smoke at the venue. The Motocross event was held indoors in a large venue that is normally used for equestrian shows. They had mud & dirt all over the floor of the Arena so the Motocross drivers could perform tricks. Jack & I found our seats which turned out to be better than the people I was with and I expected. All of us were pretty high up in the seats, but the people I was with and I were right in the middle of the venue with a view of everything. There was a brief intermission after multiple or several riders took their spot in the show. Thankfully, Jack & I didn’t have to leave our seats at all. All of us discreetly hit the marijuana vape pen & the people I was with and I got beers when the vendor came close to our part of the venue. The freestyle Motocross event lasted more than one & a half hours. By the end of the show, I was ready to go home. I undoubtedly should have picked a sativa strain for the marijuana vape pen, because the Indica made me assume undoubtedly tired & lethargic.

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