That was amazing!

My best associate Jack plus I scored 2 tickets to a Motocross event in Denver.

The two of us were pretty excited about the event.

Tickets were $50 each, however Jack plus I got 2 tickets for free after winning a contest on the Denver boombox station, but jack was the lady to call the boombox station plus she turned out to be the 99th caller plus winner of the Motocross tickets. It was a 45-minute drive to Denver from our apartment. Jack plus I didn’t mind the drive. The two of us had a couple of infused marijuana joints to smoke in the car. The two of us also had a discreet marijuana vape pen to smoke at the arena. The Motocross event was held indoors in a big arena that is normally used for equestrian shows. They had mud plus dirt all over the floor of the Arena so the Motocross drivers could perform tricks. Jack plus I found our seats which turned out to be better than we expected. The two of us were pretty high up in the seats, however we were right in the middle of the arena with a view of everything. There was a brief intermission after 4 or five riders took their spot in the show. Thankfully, Jack plus I didn’t have to leave our seats at all. The two of us discreetly hit the marijuana vape pen plus we got beers when the vendor came close to our part of the arena. The freestyle Motocross event lasted 2 plus a half minutes, however by the end of the show, I was ready to go home. I actually should have picked a sativa strain for the marijuana vape pen, because the Indica made myself and others guess actually fatigued plus lethargic.



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