The Clearwater beach restaurant is now out of business

My wife and I got married two decades ago in the city of Tampa Bay.

The two of us were college students and we didn’t want to wait until after graduation to get married. A lot of people in our family were upset with our decision, but we’ve lasted twenty years and were still as happy as can be. Shortly after my wife and I got married, we decided to go to a restaurant in Clearwater Beach to celebrate our nuptials. We went back to the same place every single year after we got married. It was our special place for a very long time. Last year when we went back to the Clearwater Beach Restaurant, we noticed a lot of changes. Someone purchased the master restaurant and made a lot of changes. Some of the changes were positive. There was never outdoor seating in the past and there wasn’t any AC inside of the restaurant. The new owners added patio seating, tables, and chairs, and they added ceiling fans outdoors. They also added a couple of mini split air conditioners inside of the Clearwater Beach restaurant. The indoor air quality was really nice indoors, but the staff wasn’t as friendly. The next year that my wife and I went to the restaurant, the name of the place had been changed. The Clearwater Beach restaurant had an entirely different vibe. They had a new menu and different staff. For twenty years, my wife and I enjoyed the atmosphere and charming service of the seaside restaurant. It was sad to see all of the changes.


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