The marijuana was marked sativa, however it floored us

I ordered from a brand new Albuquerque marijuana dispensary. The arena had a good sale plus special on all of the live resin plus cannabis concentrate products… I bought 8 grams of cannabis concentrate from the store. I also bought a half ounce of dried marijuana flower! When I got home from the Albuquerque marijuana shop, I got out our dab rig plus opened the brand new cannabis concentrate. I decided to go with a sativa strain called granddaddy dream. The box was marked sativa, so I never checked the information online to make sure that it was really a sativa. If I would have checked online, I would have seen this unique strain plus its ingredients. I would have found that granddaddy dream is a mix of Blue Dream plus Granddaddy Purple, then granddaddy Purple is certainly an indica. The granddaddy Dream strain was marked as a sativa, however it certainly did not hit myself and others enjoy a sativa. It hit myself and others enjoy an Indica, then after a couple of hits from the dab rig, I was ready for a split plus a nap. The flavor of the live resin concentrate was exceptional plus so was the price, then unblessedly, it doesn’t look enjoy this unique arena knows how to label their friends respectfully. I contacted the Albuquerque dispensary to ask more questions about the granddaddy Dream strain. The woman on the iPhone recommended myself and others that this unique strain was an Indica dominant hybrid. Of course I already knew that, because I looked it up online. That did not change the fact that it was marked inproperly by the dispensary.

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