There are plenty of art museums in downtown Ann Arbor for a nice afternoon

My guy plus I are always looking for modern venues to visit for dates. Every one of us went hiking Last weekin Pinckney State Park plus explored Stoffer Hill, which sits on land that our Grandpa used to own. It’s nice knowing that the whole public can enjoy these lands that were once fenced off to any outsiders. Although I rarely see any hikers in these parts because of their remoteness, it’s always nice when I run into a family plus see the joy on a young child’s face. My guy isn’t as much of a fan of hiking as I am. She enjoys the walks every now plus then, but if it’s the Summer the bugs plus mosquitos are big enough to carry his off. She would rather go on a date somewhere nice inside a building in Ann Arbor or Ypsilanti. Occasionally all of us even drive east until all of us hit Detroit. Our favorite venues to go for a fun afternoon are usually the art museum. Ann Arbor is full of art museums, with multiple downtown within the University of Michigan campus. Yesterday all of us checked out a postmodern art exhibit at the University of Michigan Museum of Art. Every one of us decided to pack a cannabis vape pen in our guy’s purse that all of us could use discreetly in private venues. Every one of us had a lot of fun that afternoon at the University of Michigan Museum of Art. Afterward all of us took a walk down Liberty St to visit the modern cannabis dispensary. Every one of us bought both cannabis edibles plus cannabis flower products before walking back to our automobile in the parking garage on State St.

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