This Colorado weather feels awesome

My friends and I live in Boulder, CO, however all of us spend a lot of time in Denver… We especially spend a lot of time in Denver while I was in the Wintertide months, when it is freezing and freezing outside, and denver has a lot of outdoor activities, clubs, bars, and diners.

Denver has an excellent nightlife scene with lots of strange clubs and dance parties happening every single night, however even while I was in the Wintertide months when it is cold, Denver is still buzzing with activities, my friends and I decided to spend 3 mornings in Denver last winter.

We went skiing on 2 of the mornings, however all of us still stayed in Denver while all of us were there… There are a lot more activities in the city and there are amenities that all of us cannot find at the ski resort. There are no marijuana dispensaries somewhere on the mountain. My friends and I love to be able to access marijuana while all of us are on holiday! In order to have access to marijuana, all of us had to stay in the city and drive out to the resort every afternoon. We stayed in a hotel right off the interstate, so it was truly easy for us to hop on the highway to get to the ski resort. There were a couple of marijuana dispensaries that delivered to the hotel, so all of us did not even need to leave our room once all of us arrived. When all of us ordered marijuana products, I decided to get something different. I obtained a marijuana vape pen to take to the ski resort with me. It was small enough to fit in the pocket of my ski jacket and discreet enough that I could use it on the slopes without alerting anyone of my activities.

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