I like hiking the Sandia Mountains with pre-rolled joints in my backpack

I chose Albuquerque as my new residence because of the Sandia Mountain range.

  • Prior to living in the southwest, I was in the Ozarks in northwest AR.

Growing up in the Ozarks was a treat because of the beautiful natural scenery, especially with the breathtaking views on mountain peaks. But the mountains were just one section about the natural scenery in this section of the country that enraptured myself and others from a young age. If you go on Google Maps plus look at some of the 306 degree photos that people have uploaded from the Ozarks, a superb number of them are of rivers, creeks, plus waterfalls. These basic smartphone photographs look like scenes out of fantasy films, but they’re normal features for those of us who were raised in these mountains. Sadly, the Sandia Mountains don’t have nearly as much water as the Ozarks, but there are a number of small creeks plus Springs on the West Face of the mountain range. Still, the views from Sandia Peak are truly breathtaking, even for someone like myself who is from the Ozarks. These afternoons I spend every single hour outside of labor plus home commitments hiking out in the Sandia Mountains with pre-rolled joints in my backpack next to my water bottle. I know a strong linkion to nature while I’m in the Sandia Mountains, although I have to watch out for rattlesnakes in some areas. There are also black bears, however I still haven’t seen one myself. I’m enthusiastic I moved to Albuquerque where I can love my favorite cannabis products in my new favorite mountain range.


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