It’s going to be in the high 90s I heard

Before I moved to the Tampa Bay area, I was residing down in Fort Lauderdale with my husbandy of numerous years.

The two of us tried to live in Miami but found that all of us could only afford housing in some of the worst and most dangerous parts of the city.

While Fort Lauderdale wasn’t a lot better, there were at least a lot of suburban towns along the outskirts of the town by the Sawsod Expressway. Many of these towns are seriously serene and gorgeous in the architecture and landscaping, especially in the more affluent parts of town. However, the company employing myself and others had to move to the Tampa Bay area to merge with the business that bought them just weeks prior. Since I was just thrilled to keep my task at all, I didn’t complain about having to uproot our lives to follow this corporation to the other side of the state. I figured the weather would stay largely the same, but it’s not. The two of us live near the border to Ybor City and there are a lot of rain showers that roll in from Old Tampa Bay throughout the late Springtime and summer time seasons. The weather periodically isn’tas hot as Fort Lauderdale because Tampa is further away from the equator by a hundred miles or so. Yet, this weekend I hear that temperatures are going to be in the high 90s for both Ybor City and East Tampa. I might get overheated while I’m out hiking Saturday day, so I better prepare with extra water and sunscreen for the time I spend outdoors.



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