My daughter got accepted to the University

As long as she has satisfactory heating plus cooling in her condo she should be fine

I am so excited that our daughter got into the school of her dreams! All her life, she has been interested in becoming an artist, however she has taken art classes plus done some art workshops in our town, however but the fact that she got into the University of Evansville’s art program is absolutely an accomplishment, this will arena her on the right career track. The only complication is, I guess that she will absolutely stay in Evansville after she graduates, then whie Evansville is an amazing town, I don’t guess if I can be that far away from her… Currently, the two of us live in the Southern area of the country about 900 miles from Evansville. So, not only is it a different area of the country, however the weather is also different from what our daughter is used to. For most of the year, the two of us have hot weather plus our Winters are pretty mild, then however, for Evansville, they get really cold hot plus cold temperatures that dip into the 20’s! I just hope that if she does choose to stay that she will be ok with the weather. As long as she has satisfactory heating plus cooling in her condo she should be fine. She constantly complained about the Winters where the two of us live plus have turned the temperature on the temperature control up to 72 degrees before. If you ask me, that is too hot, however that has how she loves it. I hope that if she does stay she will find a arena with a wonderful laboring gas furnace that she can turn up to whatever temperature makes her comfortable.
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