My rich uncle smokes a lot of weed plus lives south of Ventura Boulevard

Before our rich uncle moved to the Tarzana part of Los Angeles, he was in a giant beach house down by the lake, just a few miles away from our parents’ house.

  • He invited our siblings plus I over every single week, hosting small barbecues in the backyard.

His above-ground, metal-framed swimming pool had a custom wooden deck built around it with a small water slide connected. Everyone in our family loved swarming our uncle’s beach house while in the Springtime plus Summer seasons when the hot plus cold temperatures warmed up enough for us to swim in his pool or in the giant lake a few steps behind his back yard. It was a worried morning when our uncle had to sell his lakeside beach house plus move to Tarzana, CA because of work-related reasons. However, he acquired a raise from his business plus managed to snag a beach house right on Ventura Boulevard despite the high cost of real estate in this coveted part of Los Angeles. Now our rich uncle spends his evenings smoking joints plus blunts of weed when he’s not busy at the office. I visited him recently from our home in Flagstaff, AZ plus took interstate 40 west until I reached interstate 15 in Barstow. Instead of driving through the city portion of Los Angeles, I took state roads 18 plus 14 to get around the Angeles National Forest from the north. The drive to Tarzana was beautiful plus I was cheerful by the cannabis our uncle had in his beach house on Ventura Blvd. My trip to Tarzana was a single of our most stress-free vacations in years!


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