The harbor needed a welder and I was a good choice

I often take jobs that have me traveling all over the country. As a welder, I can handle a variety of different jobs. I make the most money when I handle underwater welding jobs. They require the most expertise. There really aren’t a lot of people that are great underwater welders. That’s one of the reasons why I have such a great job. I received a call from a company in Seattle. They were specifically looking at my resume online and they wondered if I had time to go to Seattle to meet with them for a job. I was in Massachusetts at the time. I agreed to go to Seattle if they paid for my plane ticket and a car. They agreed to all of the stipulations, so I knew they were really interested. Once I got to Seattle, I immediately fell in love with the city. There is something special about the people that live in Seattle. Maybe it’s because Washington is so close to Canada, but the people in Seattle just seem to be friendlier than the people in other states across the country. It might also be the fact that recreational marijuana is legal in Seattle and all of Washington. Around here, people he’s their stress and relax with a marijuana joint. I honestly look forward to joining those people. I want to relax with marijuana too. I spoke with the company about the welding job and I agreed to take the job under a few conditions. After we hashed out all of the details, I finished the job on the east coast and got ready to move to Seattle.

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