There are beautiful locales along Lake Michigan to spend an afternoon with weed

This Summer is recognizably hot so it is a beautiful time to be out at the water in Chicago

I enjoy fresh water lakes, in section because I was raised in western Michigan near Lake Michigan and the immense number of lakes and rivers inland as well. While my other family members talked about sharks and alligators near coastal areas down south, I never had to fear the wildlife in the northern midwest. Sure, Wisconsin, and Michigan have black bears in varying areas, but they’re most uninterested in human beings compared to brown bears. On top of that, they’re largely absent from IL and Indiana, so I have little to fear from animals when I’m out swimming along the coasts of Lake Michigan. The greater fear that Chicagoan residents should have regarding the water is rip currents. I l acquired this during a Summer spent in Muskegon on the opposite coast. Still, there are a number of beautiful beaches along the Lake Michigan coastline in Chicago. If you live in the northern section of the city, there’s the North Avenue Beach near the Lincoln Park Zoo. If you live towards the south end of Chicago, you can visit 31st Street Beach and Oakwood Beach. I enjoy stopping at one of the 20 or so cannabis dispensaries in the Chicago metropolitan section before heading to one of the many Lake Michigan beaches throughout the city. This Summer is recognizably hot so it is a beautiful time to be out at the water in Chicago. Because of IL’s recreational cannabis legalization, the section sees tourism focused solely on the cannabis industry. It’s common to see people puffing on cannabis vape pens out on public beaches and in public parks, despite the rules against public use.

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