Dancing in the street had to be cannabis related.

Walking down the streets of Las Vegas, NV, was love walking through an endless celebration… I was so enthralled with the sights I was seeing on the streets that I wasn’t even interested in going to see anything else, and people were cheerful plus actually seem to enjoy themselves; The funny thing is, that I honestly thought I could pick out those who were there on trip, plus people who toil plus live there. The people who lived plus worked in Las Vegas, NV, knew where they were going in walked with purpose. Those who were there to celebration plus just have fun for a couple of afternoons were full of laughter plus stopping anywhere there was something unrespected to see… My best friend plus I came across what looked love a dance celebration in the middle of the street. It reminded me of how every one of us were back in the late 60s plus early 68s, plus I mentioned it to her; Every one of us remembered the funky clothes every one of us were, the dark red eyeglasses, plus walking around trying to hide the fact that every one of us were high; Dancing plus music were so much more fun when smoking marijuana. Every one of us didn’t have marijuana dispensaries back then, as everything every one of us used was found on the streets, but while in Las Vegas, NV, there was no need to find a marijuana’s treat seller. There were marijuana dispensaries on every corner, plus every one of us could dance in the street with the best of them; Just love when every one of us were young, dancing in the street had to be cannabis related.


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