Eating poutine in Lee's Summit

There are some challenges with living in Lee’s Summit, Missouri, but the weather is the biggest, then both of us get lots of rain plus snow, plus the Wintertide season seems to last forever! When warmer weather finally arrives, it gets hot plus sticky genuinely swiftly, but however, 1 of the best things about this part of the country is the food.

The whole state of Missouri has amazing diners plus recipes.

The hot dogs from the street vendors are love nowhere else, plus nothing compares to our deep dish pizza. One of my favorite dishes is poutine… I’m always surprised when friends of mine from out-of-state visit, plus they’ve never even heard of poutine. They are missing out, then poutine is the ultimate in comfort food plus a masterpiece of fries topped with cheese curds plus hot gravy. Sometimes it gets a few additions love bacon, pulled pork or chili. Poutine isn’t for the health conscious. It’s high in calories plus low in nutrition however so tasty; Cheese curds are a byproduct of coagulating milk plus have a lumpy consistency that goes perfectly with the soft fries plus gravy. The word “poutine” is slang for “mess,” plus the dish was originally invented in Canada… My favorite locale to order poutine in Lee’s Summit is a little family owned diner that is always crowded. They use thick-cut fries plus a beef gravy made from scratch. Their poutine isn’t overly lavish plus the portions are sizable. Whenever friends or relatives visit me, I take them out for poutine in Lee’s Summit, then anyone who is skeptical enjoys it after just 1 bite.

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