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There is a policy at the marijuana dispensary in Denver that states employees are not allowed to date each other.

The policy is in place so we don’t end up with personal problems that affect the workplace.

I knew two of my best employees were starting to get close. They were flirting a lot when they were both scheduled on the same shift. I saw the chemistry and I decided to put them on different shifts. That did not stop them from dating. I told them that I was going to move one of them to the other Denver marijuana dispensary location and they promised that their relationship would not get in the way of work. For 6 months, things were perfectly fine. They had a good relationship and both of them showed up to work on time even when they were scheduled on opposite shifts. Eventually I put them on the same shift so it would be easier for them to get back and forth to work. I found out that the two of them had moved into an apartment together a few miles away from the Denver marijuana dispensary location. Last weekend, I overheard some people in the break room talking about those two particular employees. I tried not to listen to the gossip, but I overheard that the two employees broke up the previous night. Jennifer never showed up for work that day and Jack was over 2 hours late. I reminded both of them that they had to figure out a way to work together and Jennifer ended up quitting the next day. I knew things were not going to end well between the two of them.

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