I don’t have to worry about concentrates getting hot in the car in an Ann Arbor winter

All of us are getting towards the end of the Autumn season here in Ann Arbor.

While the early fall was attractive for the increasing colors of the many tree leaves, now that temperatures are dropping so low so are the leaves themselves.

Lots of vegetation looks bare & every one of us still haven’t acquired our first snowfall of the season. I have my blazers & cold clothing out already, although I still have my Wintertide coat in my clothing storage closet in the basement. The summer time here in Ann Arbor this year was irritated, with many afternoons peaking at 95 degrees & triggering heat advisories from local meteorologists in Washtenaw County. Whenever I went to my number one cannabis dispensaries to buy cannabis concentrates like flower rosin or live hash rosin, I had to use a cooler with ice packs so the heat wouldn’t destruction my weed. If you let your rosin get legitimately hot, it will destroy the terpenes & cannabinoids inside. Now that it’s getting colder in Ann Arbor & I’m seeing ice on the front of my truck in the morning before pulling out onto Huron St to drive to work, I don’t have to worry about my cannabis getting destructiond on my drive from the dispensary back to my beach house near West Park. There are so many dispensaries in Ann Arbor alone that I don’t guess the need to buy cannabis outside of the city. Even if I’m driving to Dexter or Manchester to visit family for the morning, I’ll usually stop at a cannabis dispensary near my beach house before getting onto I94 & leaving the area.
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