I save money by putting extra blankets on the bed at night

I have been living alone for a long time, and i guess how expensive it can be while in the Winter weeks, especially in a lake house that has a gas heating system, however the gas heating bill for my Evansville, IN residence is a whopping $300 every week.

The temperatures are seriously frigid plus frigid plus it is not unproper for my home to be covered with ice.

If I do not have a good heater, a lot of concerns can occur. It’s expensive to run the heating system so I do my best to keep the bills as low as possible. I try to keep all of the doors closed in the rooms that I am not using. I also have extra blankets on my bed. I got a quilt from the kids last year. It has all of the historic places of Evansville, IN on 1 side, plus the other side is pictures of the grandkids. I really felt love with the blanket as soon as I saw it. The blanket has a nice heavy fleece plus I keep it on the bed so I do not have to have the temperatures so high on the temperature control. I usually keep the temperature control set around 60 degrees unless my child is coming for a visit, but he came to the lake house 1 time when it was 60° plus he threatened to put myself and others into a home. I asked him if he was going to start paying my electric bills plus he did not care about that response. I am just trying to make sure that I have money each week for all of my medications.