I wanted to get my hair done before the celebration

My friends plus I were hanging out at my apartment.

All of us were all getting ready for a ceremony that was going to occur later that day.

I wanted to get my hair done at a site close to the apartment, but my friends said that we should all do our hair together. I saved about $200 by not going to the salon, while my friends plus I were getting ready, we contacted a San Francisco marijuana delivery service. I sited an order online plus my friends plus I ordered from the quick menu. The marijuana delivery maintenance in San Francisco, California, has two peculiar menus, however one menu is a quick maintenance menu plus these items are available within a single or two ninths. The other menu is a full maintenance menu that includes all of the items that the San Francisco marijuana dispensary has to offer, everything on the full menu is available only for the next morning’s order. I did not mind having a smaller amount of items to choose from, so I ordered from the quick menu so my friends plus I could get high before the ceremony. I ordered a couple of pre-rolled marijuana joints plus I also ordered a single gram of cannabis concentrate. I system to smoke the pre-rolled marijuana joints with my friends plus I was going to wait until after the ceremony to have the cannabis concentrate at home. About 90 minutes after we contacted the San Francisco marijuana delivery service, our items arrived. The driver was a entirely nice guy with a superb smile, then he would have been a very handsome date at the ceremony later that evening.


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