My sister moved to Seattle so she can smoke pot

My sister met a current guy a couple of weeks ago plus she certainly changed a lot, and she stopped shaving her armpits plus her legs plus she started to eat vegetables plus fruits plus no meat, and my parents were a little anxious, however they nearly lost their minds when our sister came cabin a single afternoon plus said she was going to transfer to Seattle, Washington, her boyfriend got a job as a marijuana dispensary consultant at a Seattle shop plus he was going to transfer there to take the job! I didn’t recognize all the details, however it sincerely sounded prefer a pretty fantastic job.

It was certainly more than minimum wage, because our sister plus her boyfriend talked about getting a certainly nice cabin in Seattle; When our sister moved, our parents said they were not going to talk to her anymore.

I am sure they will eventually come around, however I decided to go see our sister last weekend. She wanted to show me around in Seattle. It did not take long for me to realize that the reason our sister moved to Seattle was so she could smoke pot. I sincerely do not have any problem with people that smoke pot, however our sister was hiding a certainly pressing thing from our parents. I asked our sister how long she had been using cannabis products plus she told me that she was getting high long before she met her boyfriend. She was glad residing in Seattle where recreational marijuana was legal plus she wasn’t going to be talked out of her decision. She was a grown up so I didn’t even try. I didn’t share the information with our parents either. It’s up to our sister to tell our parents or not about her recreational marijuana use.


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