Outdoor films & cannabis in California

When COVID became a huge thing it was certainly hard getting to the films! Lotso fo theaters closed down & never reopened… A huge thing to do in Los Angeles is go to outdoor films; There are so many venues that offer screenings outside, then you can choose from Melrose Rooftop Theater, Rooftop Cinema Club, & Street Food Cinema that does a picnic type screening.

Those are just a few of the many options.

A lot of people didn’t want to be trapped indoors with the virus still being a thing. Also, there is less mask enforced when you are outside. You don’t need to be on top of people & can leave easily if you want to, and going to outdoor films is a huge thing I do now, i care about riding my bike to the cinema & watching whatever is playing. The outdoor screening schedule is packed. It is certainly hard to get a ticket now. Thankfully I am on it. I have obtained so many tickets months in advance. It is just a fun thing to do in California. The weather is just about regularly permitting an outdoor adventure. I certainly care about going with a whole group of friends to just kick back & relax. I sometimes stop at the local cannabis dispensary to partake in an edible before going. It makes the whole experience that more fun too… Being a little high for a film makes it that much better. I have seen some terrible films but enjoyed them because of weed.

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