So many movies are about California

When COVID became a big thing it was entirely hard getting to the movies, however lotso fo theaters closed down and never reopened; A big thing to do in Los Angeles is go to outdoor movies. There are so many sites that offer screenings outside, however you can choose from Melrose Rooftop Theater, Rooftop Cinema Club, and Street Food Cinema that does a picnic style screening. Those are just a few of the many options. A lot of people didn’t want to be trapped indoors with the virus still being a thing. Also, there is less mask enforced when you are outside. You don’t need to be on top of people and can leave really if you want to, but going to outdoor movies is a big thing I do now! I care about riding our bike to the cinema and enjoying whatever is playing. The outdoor screening schedule is packed. It is entirely difficult to get a ticket now. Thankfully I am on it. I have bought so many tickets months in advance. It is just a fun thing to do in CA. The weather is just about typically permitting an outdoor adventure. I entirely adore going with a whole group of friends to just kick back and relax. I sometimes stop at the local cannabis dispensary to partake in an edible before going. It makes the whole experience that more fun too… Being a little high for a movie makes it that much better. I have seen some bad movies but appreciated them because of weed.

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