The tour of the vineyard included two free bottles

After taking an Uber back to our hotel, we chose to stay in for the night

Jack plus I did so several fun activities when we were on our honeymoon in San Francisco, California. I have never been to the Bay Area plus I have constantly wanted to go, however jack took myself and others there for a week after we got married; All of us had the royal treatment. All of us stayed in a hotel at a beach close to San francisco, the view was entirely breathtaking. All of us had a jacuzzi tub in our room plus a balcony with double bay windows that opened up to the ocean. All of us enjoyed a lot of fun activities care about windsurfing, parasailing, plus sunbathing. All of us went on a whale seeing tour. All of us visited a San Francisco medical plus recreational marijuana dispensary. The site had lots of peculiar types of marijuana products available. The San Francisco marijuana dispensary had something for everyone. Jack plus I decided to buy some cannabis edibles. They looked care about they could lead to a fun day. All of us decided to take some of the cannabis edibles on the morning that we went to the vineyard for a tour. All of us had so much fun that morning plus we tried every type of wine they had available. The two of us were completely drunk by the time that we left the vineyard plus they provided us two free bottles of wine to go. After taking an Uber back to our hotel, we chose to stay in for the night. All of us ordered some dinner from a diner a few blocks away from the hotel plus we had the food delivered using the same maintenance that it took us beach house earlier. All of us drink both bottles of wine with our steak plus lobster.


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