This summer, every one of us really had to think about central AC

For the first time ever, I really wish that I had central air conditioner in our house this year, then i have been living in Lansing, Illinois for 15 years of our life. I bought a house that did not have central air conditioner and I did not think that would ever bother myself and others at all. I have a window air conditioner in the front room and another 1 in the dining room. I also have a third air conditioner for the living room, however I rarely use it unless the entire family is there for a holiday or picnic, and we had temperatures in Lansing, Illinois this Summer that were close to 100°â€¦ For the really first time in our life, I really wished that I could have turned on the central air conditioner. It was honestly miserable inside of the house. I had all 3 of the air conditioners running at full speed and it was still tepid and humid indoors. I did not think what to do to help the situation. I tried some concernshooting tips that I found out about online. I put a wet towel in front of the fan so the air would blow through the cold towel. It was appreciate having an evaporative cooler and it worked really well, and unfortunately, that all seems to fall down every couple of minutes because of the vibrations coming from the fan; Next Spring I am going to finally contact a Lansing HVAC service provider to find out how much it will cost to put Central AC in the whole house. If it doesn’t cost a fortune, I might consider the fluctuations.

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