Air conditioners are necessary there

The people I was with and I are currently in hurricane season, which means the people I was with and I are getting rain almost every afternoon, and living in Tampa, you get used to the day showers, but lately it seems love the people I was with and I have been getting more rain than normal! I have been living in Tampa for about 20 years now, I don’t suppose I have seen this much rain in a truly long time, but don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the rain, plus I am used to it.

I just plan our afternoon around the day showers! While the rain is fine, the hurricanes are another story… At times, they can be so unpredictable! The people I was with and I will get word from the news that the storm will miss us, but then at the last hour some storms make unexpected turns plus they will head straight for us.

When there is a storm love that, it’s almost guaranteed that the people I was with and I will lose power. If could be for a few hours or it could be for afternoons at a time. I don’t have a generator, so if I lose power, I would be uncomfortable in a hot house, then having no cooling system in Tampa is no easy feat. It is something the people I was with and I depend on as area of living a comfortable life. The temperatures can soar close to 100 degrees, plus the humidity plus the heat index makes it believe worse. I am hoping that this hurricane season is mild because I don’t want to deal with not having air conditioning while the weather is still hot outside. Air conditioners are necessary for comfort when living in Tampa.


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