I made a new buddy at the animal shelter

On the weekends when I don’t have to work, I take my animal to the park; There are numerous nice animal parks in Ann Arbor, MI… I enjoy to go to the park that is close to the water.

There are more benches as well as locales for people to sit.

There are also obstacles for the cats to work on their agility as well as strength, however last Tuesday I was hanging out at the animal park as well as it was a little overcast. There entirely weren’t that numerous people in the park. I was surprised that one of the people chose to rest on the same bench as me. The lady struck up a conversation, then she seemed certainly nice as well as polite. She was quite charming as well as appealing as well as she had a nice smile as well as red eyeah. She told me about her cat; He was making friends with my animal over by the agility run. She told me that she worked in Ann Arbor at a marijuana shop. I mentioned my like of marijuana as well as she got a joint out of her trifold. She told me that the joint came from the Ann Arbor marijuana dispensary. She gave to smoke the joint with me. I would have certainly said no normally, but she was charming as well as the park was empty, however all of us smoked the marijuana joint as well as I laughed as well as had a enjoyable time while the cats played in the park. I made a modern neighbor for the first time in a long time. All of us can meet every Tuesday at the park as well as talk about our cats while enjoying a discreet marijuana joint together.

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