I was finding cheaper prices on weed in Los Angeles

My friends and I are about an hour outside of Los angeles.

When we want to buy recreational marijuana supplies, we usually drive to the city.

The prices in the city of Los Angeles are cheaper for marijuana. It does depend on where you go, but if you look really hard, you can find exceptionally low prices. I went to a marijuana dispensary in Los Angeles when my friends and I were there for a concert. We were in an area where the marijuana prices were reasonable. I was most interested in buying a couple of pre-rolled marijuana joints. I thought they would be easy to smoke while we were enjoying the rock and roll concert. I told the bartender about the concert and she suggested going with a disposable vape pen instead. She told us that the Los Angeles security guards are really particular about smoking marijuana in public, even in the concert venues. Because I was not sure if she was right or not, I decided that it was best to go with the vape pen. I also bought some pre-rolled marijuana joints to smoke before and after the concert. I bought a gorilla glue number 4 disposable vape pen. The hybrid was really nice and it was super easy to vape and get high without drawing any attention to myself. It was certainly much easier than smoking a joint in front of the crowded Los Angeles arena. I hit the disposable marijuana pens so many times that the thing was empty by the time we walked outside. I vaped a whole gram of live resin concentrate in less than 3 hours.

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