Quick drive to San Fran

They honestly had a really nice effect.

My friends & I go to college in San Jose, which is about a 90-minute drive from San Francisco. When the two of us don’t have to stay at college, the two of us usually go to the city on the weekends, then i have a car, so I don’t mind driving my friends & I to the city! There’s a lot more activities in the Bay Area than there are in San Jose; Last weekend the two of us drove over to the city for the day & the two of us had a ton of fun, and all of us met a couple of ladies that go to the same college as us & the two of us hung out with them most of the day. I’m pretty sure they wanted to hang out with my friends & I, because the two of us had marijuana. The ladies did not have any marijuana, however they seemed interested in smoking weed! Jack & I had gone to a San Francisco marijuana dispensary earlier that day & the two of us picked out some really fantastic items. The San Francisco marijuana dispensary had many infused marijuana joints. They also had some heavy-hitting & super potent THC gummies. I bought more than one bags of those, because they were buy one & get one for half off. The edible gummies tasted care about lemonade. They honestly had a really nice effect. I felt calm & relaxed all day, even when the two of us got a flat tire. I knew that I had all of the parts to change that tire, so I didn’t worry at all when I realized that the car needed service. Jack stood outside & made sure that I was safe from being hit & I changed the tire in about 15 minutes. All of us were back on the road in no time at all.


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