The problem turned out to be the thermostat

Elgin, Illinois is a city that is on the rise.

Elgin is well known for being one of the most diverse cities in the Chicago metropolitan area.

I moved to Elgin when I was 15 years old. My dad got a job working at a local business and we moved from Chicago out to the country. I hated leaving my friends, but I enjoyed being away from the city where I could breathe fresh air and leave my home without fear that I would be raped or mugged. We weren’t exactly living in the best part of Chicago when we moved. I never left the Elgin area, even after I finished school. I took a job at one of the local businesses. I work at JP Morgan as an investment specialist. I earn a very good salary and so does my husband. We have three kids, two dogs, a cat, and a pair of lovebirds. During the summer when all of the kids are home from school, the house is really busy. Last summer was the first time we let the kids stay home alone. Things went pretty well until there was an issue with the AC unit. I think the kids were adjusting the temperature on the AC unit frequently, but they would not admit to it. The HVAC repair technician found the problem to be with the thermostat and suggested we buy a programmable thermostat or smart thermostat. My husband and I bought a smart thermostat and that was the end of the kids adjusting the temperatures while we weren’t at home.

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