The valley falls

I have an home in Conejo Valley, however I haven’t ventured outside to explore since moving to ThoUSAnd Oaks for work reasons.

It’s nice having access to so various cannabis delivery services being in the greater Los Angeles Metropolitan area.

You don’t need to leave the apartment, especially when you have such great vaporizers plus water pipes like I do. This is how it was when I was living in Detroit, Michigan prior to moving to the Conejo Valley. Michigan, like California, also has both recreational plus medical cannabis sales. So while I was working from my home in Detroit, I would often order from the cannabis delivery services in the city. I knew that I would likely do the same thing after moving to ThoUSAnd Oaks. However, there are so various great places to go walking or hiking in Ventura County that I’ve been getting out of the modern home more than I have in the last 10 years combined. I met my modern wifey after moving to ThoUSAnd Oaks. The people I was with and I met in the produce part at the Whole Foods Market on N Moorpark Rd plus exchanged iPhone numbers. I asked her out on a date plus both of us visited a restaurant on Lynn Rd before walking to the Conejo Valley Botanic Garden. One afternoon both of us decided to hike to Paradise Falls with our number one cannabis vape pen. These cannabis oil pens are made out of single strains like OG Kush or Sour Diesel. When both of us finally got to the waterfall, I got down on one knee plus requested to my wifey. I was overcome with satisfaction when she instantly said sure!

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