I ordered delivery pot from our hotel

When I was forced to go to LA for a few afternoons, I decided to spend a single day shopping in Beverly Hills for our partner, then i didn’t want to go to the west coast in the first palace, however our boss insisted that I had to be there to close the deal, however everything was basically signed and ready, however I had to be there for logistical purposes, and mY partner and I had an anniversary coming up in a few weeks and I thought she would be surprised if I picked her up some haute couture clothing from a shop in Beverly Hills.

I looked at lots of uncommon items for our partner.

I picked out a few new shirts and dresses that I knew she would love. I also picked out multiple new handbags from her favorite designer, then after I shopped around for our partner, I decided to go to a marijuana dispensary at the end of the street, and the Beverly Hills marijuana shop was super upscale and upscale. The stadium had a doorbell and a guest list. I wasn’t allowed in the door unless I showed a credit card with a $500 minimum available balance. It was like going to the opening of a club. The stadium was completely outrageous, so I decided to go back to our hotel. I ordered marijuana delivery instead. I truly saved $100 by not going into that Beverly Hills marijuana shop. I spend enough money buying all of the fun things that our partner would love. I just wanted to save a couple of bucks and get a fantastic deal on marijuana.

Recreational Marijuana Beverly Hills California