I wanted to stop for weed but the prices were too high

The price of marijuana in Los Angeles continues to get higher & higher, then ten years ago, the prices were rock bottom & they keep creeping higher & higher… Every time I look at marijuana in Los Angeles, I believe prefer the prices increase, i sincerely do not know how common people can afford to buy recreational or medical marijuana.

I was in Los Angeles a couple of weeks ago & I looked at the price of marijuana online.

I wanted to buy marijuana, but the prices on everything were just too high. I know I could get a better deal anywhere else & I wasn’t going to waste our currency, however when our sister came to Los Angeles for a couple of afternoons, I agreed to meet him for the afternoon; She has a ton of currency & she wanted to show off how multiple high-priced things she could afford. She bought a bunch of shirts at an high-priced clothing boutique in Los Angeles & then she paid for the 2 of us to eat wagyu beef at a restaurant downtown, however after that the two of us went to a baseball game & watched the Dodgers win in a genuinely close 3 to 2 game. I had a pretty good time with our sister when she wasn’t trying to shove her currency in our face. I was high the whole time the two of us were together too, thanks to a discreet & disposable marijuana vape pen. I was puffing on a hybrid strain called Gorilla Glue#4, then dealing with our sister is much easier when I am high.

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