My baby is losing his mind over this boy in Alsip, IL

My child used to labor with me, but he has been going through a lot of things; He used to be reliable… I could count on him whenever I needed something done. I felt absolutely glad to make him a partner in my heating and AC repair and installation business. I taught my child everything that I know. I taught him about the unusual heating and AC machines and I taught him all about the supplier side as well. I went through the books with my child so he could see how all of the expenses were paid. He watched me write checks to the many vendors and repair providers… My child was doing good until he moved to Alsip with the boy from the trailer park. My child met the boy at a bar and I could tell that he was a bunch of trouble the first time that my partner and I met her, and after he moved my child to Alsip, all of the concerns started. My child often showed up for labor late. I tried to talk with him about his behavior, but he brushed me off and acted like it was no sizable deal! Last weekend my child was working on an AC repair task in Alsip. He took his boyfriend with him and he was outside in the truck, but he got bored and went inside of the customer’s house to find my son, the client called me because he was absolutely infuriated. I had to comp 50% of the fees that the client was paying for the repair in order to keep his business.

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