My son is losing his mind over this woman in Alsip, IL

My son used to work with me, although he has been going through a lot of things.

He used to be reliable, then i could count on him whenever I needed something done.

I felt really cheerful to make him a partner in our heating & AC repair & upgrade business. I taught our son everything that I know. I taught him about the odd heating & AC machines & I taught him all about the company side as well. I went through the books with our son so he could see how all of the expenses were paid. He watched myself and others write checks to the numerous vendors & service providers, but my son was doing good until he moved to Alsip with the girl from the trailer park. My son met the girl at a bar & I could tell that she was a bunch of trouble the first time that our partner & I met her. After she moved our son to Alsip, all of the complications started. My son often showed up for work late. I tried to talk with him about his behavior, although he brushed myself and others off & acted love it was no substantial deal, but last weekend our son was laboring on an AC repair job in Alsip. He took his wifey with him & she was outside in the truck… She got bored & went inside of the customer’s home to find our son, the client called myself and others because she was really upset. I had to comp 50% of the fees that the client was paying for the repair in order to keep her business.

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