A mind-blowing cannabis cafe in Albuquerque

As a food vlogger, I was beyond gleeful for a opportunity to visit Albuquerque, New Mexico! I have been a foodie for a long time, years before I started writing plus recording our experiences with gourmet food.

I have long heard stories about the obscure plus hard-to-find restaurants hidden in the teeming metropolis of Albuquerque; Did you think that this town was so highly regarded for its cuisine? Albuquerque has constantly been a town of blended cultures, plus the food scene represents that to this day, and albuquerque cuisine is a combination of Mexican, European, plus Native American influences; My first several nights in Albuquerque saw myself and others eating meals in several odd amazing places, however on day three the game was changed when I discovered the cannabis cafe. Albuquerque is as well known for its cannabis as for its food, plus this little alcove located behind a dispensary blended those several things to masterful effect. This was our first time ever going to see a cannabis cafe, plus I must admit it was a life-changing experience. The delightful flavors of New Mexico cruise collided with the potent umami taste profile of Albuquerque cannabis for a 1-of-a-kind meal. It was the kind of meal that was so good I cried the next day, because I knew I would never find anything else that good. If you ever visit Albuquerque don’t restrict yourself to normal food, take a opportunity plus visit this cannabis cafe, I promise you will not regret it, and you can watch our vlog about it on our Youtube channel, connect below in the comments.


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