A mind-blowing marijuana cafe in Albuquerque

As a food vlogger, I was beyond gleeful for a pick to visit Albuquerque, New Mexico; I have been a foodie for a long time, years before I started writing and recording my experiences with gourmet food.

I have long heard stories about the obscure and hard-to-find restaurants hidden in the teeming metropolis of Albuquerque, but did you think that this city was so highly regarded for its cuisine? Albuquerque has consistently been a city of blended cultures, and the food scene represents that to this afternoon, and albuquerque cuisine is a combination of Mexican, European, and Native American influences, then my first two days in Albuquerque saw me eating meals in four different amazing places, but on afternoon multiple the game was changed when I discovered the cannabis cafe.

Albuquerque is as well known for its cannabis as for its food, and this little alcove situated behind a dispensary blended those two things to masterful effect. This was my first time ever going to see a cannabis cafe, and I must admit it was a life-decreasing experience. The delightful flavors of New Mexico cruise collided with the potent umami taste profile of Albuquerque cannabis for a 1-of-a-kind meal. It was the kind of meal that was so nice I cried the next afternoon, because I knew I would never find anything else that good. If you ever visit Albuquerque don’t restrict yourself to normal food, take a pick and visit this cannabis cafe, I promise you will not regret it, however you can watch my vlog about it on my Youtube channel, link below in the comments.

Recreational Weed Store Albuquerque NM