AC quits in the middle of the night

I recently spent a wonderful, week-long vacation in Cocoa, Florida.

It’s a great beach town just south of the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station.

I chose the area because of the great beaches and fun water activities. I’d always wanted to learn to surf and take a fishing charter. I signed up for a kayak tour, swam in the ocean and spent a lot of time relaxing in the sun. One of my favorite spots to explore was the Cocoa Beach Pier. It stretches for 800 feet over the Atlantic Ocean and provides an especially amazing view of the entire city. There are lots of really interesting shops, boutiques and restaurants. I especially enjoyed sampling fresh seafood. The fish sandwiches were absolutely amazing. One of the only drawbacks of my trip was the air conditioning in the room I rented. Rather than stay at one of the super expensive resorts, I booked a room at a smaller hotel within walking distance to the beach. Because I didn’t pay a lot, I wasn’t expecting five-star amenities. I was fine with a lumpy pillow, scratchy sheets and a thin blanket. The lack of water pressure in the shower didn’t bother me. I didn’t care that the carpet smelled musty or that the pipes made weird sounds in the middle of the night. I was a little concerned that the air conditioner appeared ancient. It was missing some of the adjustment knobs and a bit rusty. It also dripped water onto the floor and rattled every time it started up. I was happy as long as it was supplying cool air. When the AC quit in the middle of my third night, I complained. The room immediately became unbearably hot and sticky.



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