Cannabis for an active lifestyle

Living in San Francisco, the weather is beautiful most of the time.

I appreciate the ability to get outside and pursue an active lifestyle.

I frequently ride my bicycle wherever I need to go. I like to go for runs across the Golden Gate Bridge or down the twists and turns of Lombard Street. I paddle my kayak along the coast, under the Golden Gate Bridge and along the Marin Headlands and back to Horseshoe Cove. The route takes about three hours and is a great workout. I’ve found that cannabis is great for an energy boost prior to an activity. I have my choice of dispensaries in San Francisco and they offer a wide variety of options. Vapes and tinctures work really well for consuming right before working out. They are both portable, discreet and easy to consume. A tincture or vape pen can fit right into my pocket and don’t require any extra gear. They don’t create odors, smoke or mess. I usually select a hybrid with a nice balance of THC and CBD. The THC helps to energize and motivate while the CBD keeps the psychoactive effects under control. With both tinctures and vapes, I get the benefit of quick onset of effects. It’s just enough to allow me to clear my head, better focus and appreciate a positive outlook. For any sore or stiff muscles I might end up with, I like to buy edibles and topicals that are CBD dominant. The edibles have a delayed but more intensive and long-lasting effect. The topicals can be applied directly to the affected area. CBD has proven to effectively treat inflammation and pain.


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