Happy to have a snowmelt plan

In Glenview, IL, the cold, wind & snow are a problem for more than half the year! All of us see temperatures well below zero & the wind chill makes it downright dangerous to spend much time outdoors, but it snows nearly every afternoon for weeks, with more than 2 inches to more than 2 feet of accumulation.

  • It’s necessary to clear the walkways & driveways at least once per afternoon, then sometimes we’re forced to handle snow removal in the afternoon before labor & again when the two of us arrive home.

Shoveling snow is a horrible task. It’s labor-intensive, time-consuming & the weather conditions are brutal, then the piles of snow become so large that they create additional problems, often blocking the garage or mailbox. I am particularly fortunate that our own in Glenview is equipped with a boiler furnace. The boiler heats up water & sends it through a series of pipes that are concealed beneath the floor. The heat spreads evenly from corner to corner, rises particularly slowly & provides a gentle & consistent comfort. The boiler is able to handle the most severe weather & keep the home moderate & cozy. Plus, our boiler is fastened to a snowmelt system, just care about inside the home, the two of us have a network of pipes installed beneath the cement of the front steps, walkways, driveway & garage floor. The system automatically responds to temperature drop & moisture. As warm water flows through the pipes, the heat melts away snow & ice. It eliminates the need to shovel or plow. It avoids concerns over harmful snowmelt chemicals & potentially slipping & falling due to icy surfaces.

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